Something to share

Something to Share
         English  - with so many people using the language actively - is a great medium to tell stories, share quotes,  
           poems and pictures. So, lets have a go!
           The Irish have a specific culture and wit. They don't hesitate to discuss thorny subjects like religion.
           Some quotes from famous Irish authors:
  •       I'm an atheist and I thank God for it.                                                                                                                (George Bernard Shaw)
  •      The Catholic Church is for saints and sinners. For respectable people the Anglican church will do.             (Oscar Wilde)
  •      Irish atheists have started a Dial-A-Prayer service; when you ring them, nobody answers.                               (Hal Roach)
  •      Become a Protestant? Certainly not. Just because I've lost my faith doesn't mean I've lost my reason.       (James Joyce)
        A flash of English:  
          lots of people don't know when to use    'a'   or   'an'.    
          The spelling rule is dictated by the way how we say the next word:
        If  you start the next word with a vowel (een klinker) then you write 'an'
        If you say the next word with an consonant ( een medeklinker), you write   'a'  
                                    So:    an apple     an hour     a hobby       a book     a uniform       an unfair game